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Looking for somewhere to play the fantastic Secrets of the Phoenix slot machine? There are only two sites that currently offer the game, but be rest assured as they are two of the biggest gaming brands in the UK.

StarSpins – Get a 200% Bonus to Play on Secrets of the Phoenix Slot

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Starspins has recently introduced a number of leading slots to its portfolio of games, including the massively popular Cleopatra, Starburst, as well as Secrets of the Phoenix slot. When opening an account for the first time, players will qualify for a 200% bonus which can be used to play on all the games on the site. The minimum deposit to receive the bonus is £10, and if you are interested in the highest bonus, deposit £100 and you will receive £300 to play with.

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Virgin Games – 200% Bonus for New Players

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Now, probably our favourite Gamesys operated site (other than JackpotJoy) is the highly popular Virgin Games. As well as offering a large selection of slot games, there are also a variety of casino table games to play on, including blackjack and roulette. There is also a bingo section of the site, if you enjoy the popular game of bingo. If you open a new account at Virgin Games, you will be rewarded with a 200% bonus.

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If you love Gamesys websites like JackpotJoy and Fabulous Bingo, then chances are you will have come across the relatively new, although extremely popular slot machine – Secrets of the Phoenix. It is a game that appeals to a broad audience due to its tumbling reels feature and innovative bonus round.

This guide has been written to outline the best casino and bingo sites that offer the Secrets of the Phoenix slot, as well as the bonuses you can expect to receive at each. For more information on how to play the game and how to get started, then check out the other guides we have written, below.

Secrets of the Phoenix is a Gamesys exclusive slot that is innovatively designed and extremely fun to play. It has 25 pay lines, and five reels. It also has an Aztec theme, as many slots do, but you will find a tumbling reels feature that means you can keep winning more and more money as winning symbols disappear and new ones take their place.

OK, you might say that there are already a number of games that offer tumbling reels, but this is just one aspect of Secrets of the Phoenix that makes it the enthralling slot that it is.

The Object of the Game

As with any slot, the main aim of the game is to achieve winning symbol combinations and win money! The more the reels tumble, the closer you will be to reaching the bonus round (see below) and this is where the big money can be won.

Secrets of the Phoenix Slot in Action

The Bonus Round

secrets of the phoenix bonus round

Secrets of the Phoenix slot bonus round

What makes Secrets of the Phoenix so different to many slot machines that there are online is firstly, how you go about entering the bonus round, and secondly what you find when you reach it.

The Secrets of the Phoenix Bonus

As the reels tumble (when you match winning combinations of symbols), you progress further up the bonus round set of steps. Not only does climbing the steps trigger the bonus feature, but it also dictates how many free spins you receive when reaching the bonus round. By achieving four winning ‘tumbles’ in a row, you are awarded 7 free spins in the bonus round and this rises to 10, then to 15, 20, and a maximum 25 free spins.

When you trigger the bonus round you are transported into what can only be described as slot purgatory. Here the game changes as wild symbols appear more often and you can win additional free spins as you go on.

How to Play Secrets of the Phoenix Slot

  • Firstly, you need to set your wagering denomination (or coin value). With this game it ranged from 1p, right through to £8. When starting out playing the game for the first time then it might be advisable to choose a lower coin value, perhaps 1-20p.
  • Unlike most other slots there is no flexibility regarding how many lines you can cover – this is set at 25 lines. To calculate how much your total bet per spin is, simply multiply your coin value by 25. For example a 1p line bet x 25 lines = 25p per spin.
  • Now that you have chosen how much you are going to be wagering each game, you simply need to hit the spin button (not literally!) and the reels will rotate.
  • Unlike many slots, the reels move quite quickly so there is no need, and therefore no option to stop them. Reels on some other games take a long time to spin, which can get pretty tedious, which is why a stop function is sometimes included.
  • Wins are calculated as per the paytable. Information on potential winning can be seen below.
  • All wins pay left-to-right. This means that winning symbol combinations are only valid if they begin in the left-hand-side reel. Some online slots differ, in that they pay both ways.
  • Disconnections and malfunctions in the game will be voided. This goes whether you have hit the jackpot, or haven’t won a penny, with your spin

Secrets of the Phoenix Paytable

By clicking on the button that says “paytable”, you will be provided with all the information about the game. There are different tabs that can be clicked on to view all the details about the game:

Cascade Button. This tells the player about the cascading reels feature of the game, which is a good place to start if you haven’t played a slot with this feature before.

Base Game Paytable. To find out what winning symbols you need to have appear on the screen, you can click on this tab. We have also included this information, above.

Free Spins. This briefly explains the bonus round. Click on this tab when you are in the game to find out more about how the free spins bonus round works

Rules. Again, most of this information has already been provided in this guide; although when you are in the game, just click on this tab for the basics on how to play.

New to the Game?

If you haven’t played on Secrets of the Phoenix slot before then you might want to check out the demo version first. It plays exactly the same as the real money version, but you are playing with demo cash, rather than your own bank balance. This is a great way to get accustomed with the different features of the game.

So there we are – that is our introductory guide to playing Secrets of the Phoenix. If you would like to get in touch or leave any feedback on the information we have provided, then please click here to visit the contact screen.

We have already become acquainted with the online casino slot players gaining humongous jackpots. Although, normally, when there is a huge five, six or seven-digit win, it is related to a progressive jackpot that has been gathering the amount for some time. This was not the situation with a Liberty Slots player who chose to attempt his chance on the WGS Caribbean Gold slot and concluded with spinning $150 into $99,000 while playing the game.

The Winning Casino Game – Caribbean Gold Slot

The winner Harold S. stated that he was searching for doing something in his spare time on Saturday night. He found himself to be submitting $50 at Liberty Slots to gamble at a few slots, revealing he admired this specific casino as it grants few games that are not on the slot list of numerous other casino operators. Caribbean Gold is among the games that are provided at the respective casino. The novel slot by WGS displays the popular pirate theme, with players commencing a treasure chase across various Caribbean islands, seeking to expose the secluded riches.

Splendid winning streak At the beginning, things did not turn out well for Harold, as he dissipated his first deposit of $50 and another deposit afterward. It was on his third deposit of $50 that his fortune began to change, though he had no clue just how much would he gain.

Things began to work out when Harold eventually handled to achieve an important win, betting his $50 deposit into a $600 sum. At this instant, he resolved that it would be a fine plan to certainly go for it and thus incremented his wagers. He could barely think what was about to take place.

Harold went on a roll of his life, with huge strikes coming one after the other, regularly increasing his balance. After two hours, he had won $75,000, incrementing his initial deposit by a wondrous 1,500x.

At this instant, he resolved to take a break and take rest for some time, as he was not finished with it yet. The fortunate winner came back for playing more on Sunday afternoon and his winning streak persisted. He supplemented another $24,000 to his sum, determined to finish things with $99,000 in his Liberty Slots account.

Accounts similar to these do not occur frequently, however, that is what makes it more exciting when they actually happen. People at Liberty Slots were evenly thrilled about the win, asserting that Caribbean Gold is a much-admired slot amid the online casino slot players.

As a matter of fact, to commemorate this exclusive win, the casino is offering $10 to all new players, and you can utilize the money to bet on Caribbean Gold or other game of your preference. All you require to do is utilise the code LSCGFREE10 when signing in the account of the casino.

We have heard of the jackpot reports before as well. However, as mentioned above, it is infrequent that they are gained from a progressive jackpot. Obviously, it is excellent news for the winner who, in a conventional manner has decided to stay undisclosed. This story goes to present that the huge wins do not always come from the chief or most admired online casinos.

Sometimes, huge wins are also gained by playing at mediocre casinos and on slot games that are not the top games among the slot category available worldwide. It is always important to search for a casino or a game of your choice, or which complements with your playing style, for who knows, it may benefit as it did to Harold.

ELK, the developer of the game, has released its recent online slot and it is one that is strongly rooted in the globe of primitive knights, clashes as well as spins. The fresh slot title called Ivanhoe merges traditional and advanced, displaying the standard 3 reel structure of slot machines and fresh graphics.

It would not be primitive if there was not an expedition of some sort entangled. Initially, a chainmail vista receives players with a banner indicating a welcome and Richard the Lionheart, who attends players; spins, the spins are sufficient to restore him to the throne if the players win. The spins provide the slot game with an essential feature of growing gameplay or aggregate victory.

The Features of Ivanhoe Slot

The Ivanhoe slot game has 3 reels and 17 pay lines, and it contains free spins, bonus levels, and prize multipliers to assist promising players to finish their mission. The game displays numerous classic and admired fruit machine elements such as lemons, cherries, melons and lucky 7s, but merges them with figures like heraldic streamers and crowns in complementing with the prevailing theme of the slot.

Free Spins Feature

Perhaps, the central appeal of Ivanhoe will be its bonus game attribute. Taking place over five dissimilar levels, the searching player is needed to emerge out of the coin threshold for each level to enter the next level. And by regularly entering next levels, players are capable of carrying over free spins they have accumulated.

It is activated by landing 3 Ivanhoe bonus symbols on an active pay line, you will be granted with five free spins in the beginning but each Ivanhoe symbol landing in this round will offer an additional spin. During this round, the crown turns into a wild symbol.

Every win during your spin will supplement to a complete coin win and allow you to go through stages and gain more spins. The stages are Ambush, The Joust Part One, Robin’s Rescue, The Joust Part Two and Return of the King.

Major Aspects of Ivanhoe Slot

The major elements of this slot game are volatility and variance. ELK has undeniably pursued recent styles in the casino industry and has placed its focus strongly on playability. Building the gameplay to feel similar to a hunt is a significantly alluring thought, on which it is crafted to offer players with a sense of accomplishment external to the chance of winning using spins as well as bonus games.

What We Thought of Ivanhoe Slot

We have viewed a few slots currently released that are set on the Ancient Egypt theme or possibly imaginary characters. Reasonably, it is rather pleasant to get something extraordinary and we certainly are aware of the myth around Richard the Lionheart. ELK is not inevitably the developer of the top game, however, its slot titles are usually well accepted by the players and other operators, the reality that chief names such as LeoVegas Casino have received the slot game should verify to this fact that the slot games by ELK are well received by everyone.

The skill in this specific slot is the mixture of primitive retro fashion fruit machine features and the fresh gameplay as well as mesmeric elements. Ivanhoe slot is not the most complicated of the slot games, but that must not bother the players. The attributes of the slot game, specifically the aspects such as entering into the hunt as you play, should probably be sufficient to keep you engaged as well as amused. It is a rising style we are coming across these days, and it is wonderful to view that all sorts of developers are grasping it.

Genesis Gaming, online slots studio, has declared the launch of its forthcoming slot title, Primetime Combat Kings. It is a fresh online slot, which presents the stimulating globe of Mixed Martial Arts. With 25 pay lines and a reasonable prize wheel bonus, the slot game manages to keep players involved and amused with huge winning chances.

Players will be capable of giving this novel slot title a spin at web casinos within the next few weeks. Genesis Gaming has been in the online casino industry since 2008. The corporation has more than 200 slots to provide and it has managed to create a prominent position among players and operators over the years.

Features of Primetime Combat Kings Slot

Mixed Martial Arts is among the most popular sports, and Genesis Gaming delivers all of its fun and enthusiasm into the web casino sphere. The creator has done a decent work of depicting MMA in the novel Primetime Combat Kings online slot game with an array of reels that is positioned against a background of the ring (hexagon), displaying symbols of the top wrestlers in the market.

The game displays 25 pay lines and the players can wager on any of the pay line. Although, it is suggested that the players should bet on all the 25 pay lines to escalate their winning abilities.

You are also provided a broad variety of denominations from 1c to $2, building this slot game as an economical one for the players who have restricted bankroll.

The slot game also has an autoplay attribute. You can select to place a bet between 5 and 50 spins regularly, and there is also a choice for unlimited autoplay. You may also select to place a loss limit or a single win limit.

The Ring Wheel Feature

You will enter the Ring Wheel feature when three or more scatters are landed on the reels. The prize wheel contains free spins as well as multipliers that will assist to control how the remainder of the bonus round will continue.

There are five varying free spins rounds accessible:

  • 5 free spins and a 2x multiplier on entire wins
  • 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier on entire wins
  • 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier on entire wins
  • 20 free spins and a 3x multiplier on entire wins
  • 20 free spins and a 5x multiplier on entire wins

Though the players would have preferred to have an off-screen bonus round containing some sort of arcade-fashion bonus in this slot, they will still be pleased with the gameplay. It is an enjoyable game that provides moderately high volatility and numerous wins.

Even if you are not a big admirer of MMA wrestling, you cannot refuse that this is an excellent slot game. With lively graphics, easy gameplay and plentiful winning possibilities, Primetime Combat Kings is the type of game that draws you in with each spin.

Mobile Compatibility

Primetime Combat Kings by Genesis Gaming is accessible to play on both mobile and desktop, and it is adaptable to iOS, Android and Windows devices. The slot game is browser-based so there is absolutely no necessity to download any software.

Until the release of the game, you can try the demo of Primetime Combat Kings at Dunder online casino which provides more than 1000 games to its players. Dunder online casino provides the players with a thrilling gaming practice that you can access from mobile or desktop. You can also benefit from all kinds of splendid promotions that grants free spins, reloads as well as other reasonable bonuses.

NextGen Gaming, the separate game studio of NYX Gaming Group has released 21 slots with PokerStars NJ which is an Amaya Inc. label in New Jersey, USA. Accessible to play on both mobile as well as desktop, these are initial slots to start on PokerStars Casino NJ through NYX Gaming Group’s Open Gaming System.

This recent endeavor enhances the long-standing alliance among the corporations, which experience the common objective of extending in controlled regions and modifying their global profiles as rulers in digital gaming. Established classics like Doctor Love and Mad Mad Monkey are streaming live, besides latest games such as Double Play Superbet and Gorilla Go Wild. Approved slots like An Evening with Holly Madison and James Dean are anticipated to be potential entertainers from NextGen Gaming’s broad set of slots.

If you are a passionate admirer of slot games produced by NextGen Gaming then it will have barely evaded your awareness that the online casino software developer lately pulled out their DC-based superhero slot games for renovation. They were swift to make a comeback at web casinos and presently the players can access the remodeled slot games. The respective three casino games are:

The Green Lantern Slot

The Green Lantern slot machine is back to flare up the superhero based slot globe with a graphical improvement. It has 5 reels, 50 pay lines and this freshly restored slot machine game does complete justice to its comic book resources, covering from the Hollywood divisions which are the entire craze now.

The Green Lantern is supplied with an additional bet feature, which can elevate the RTP rate to 95%. It also contains multiplier wilds, free games attribute and the extra bet (Ring) feature, which can view our savior combat with Sinestro, distributing multipliers of value up to 100x your complete wager as they fight.

Batman Slot

The re-started Batman slot by NextGen Gaming has selected to aim at the comic books, similar to the Green Lantern, instead of featuring on the latest movie series as done in the Playtech’s scheduled Batman slot machine games.

Batman slot includes re-spins and retained piled wilds, double cash rewards and a Descent in Madness bonus which views the Dark Knight fight with the followers of the Joker. Each time you utilize the Batarang to beat the enemies you can gain the prizes.

Batman slot is restoring Gotham-style gaming to the web casino globe with a 5 reel and 50 pay line design and wagers beginning from 50p each spin up to £120 per spin.

The Flash Slot

It did not take long for these typical slots to be rebuilt and all of them display jazzy new visuals. Possibly the most extraordinary of the set is The Flash. It also has 5 reels, 50 pay lines along with containing an extra bet feature.

It has a Rogue feature supplemented to the gameplay, which can provide up to 12 free spins with 3 extras, containing freezing wilds, random wilds and the capability to replay earlier free spins.

Casually activated altering wild symbols and wild multipliers also play a role in this novel appearing comic book slot game. The Flash involves the similar betting range as the other two slot games though it can provide bigger non-progressive jackpots of value up to 10,000 coins.

Nevertheless, which superhero-themed slot game you favor; there is something exciting for all the players in these remodeled games. All include the similar betting range and a side bet feature. All are a noticeable revision on their formers and you can give them a shot at LeoVegas Casino.

Pennsylvania representatives persist to unnecessarily intricate the affair against authorising online gambling. It appears almost certain that the subsequent part of the legislation will receive a repressive 54% tax rate on online slots such as Secrets of the Phoenix slot, merged with a 16% rate on table games as well as poker. These rates would align those of the state’s 12 physical casinos, with the erroneous justification being that the lower tax rates on web gambling will push the casinos to resort to the Internet.

There have been few distressing clangers, first that advises all online casino games like Secrets of the Phoenix slot be levied at 54%, and second, that would provide PA casinos with a restricted exclusivity window to obtain one of the 12 licenses. The jurisdictions also revolved around the concept of distinct $5 million licenses for the online casino as well as online poker.

Although these propositions are mostly irrational, there are also a few prospective for PA online gambling if tax rate of 54% on online slots is imposed.

Casinos Obtain Invite, No One Shows Up Following the PA High Tax Rate

If the legislators enforce a $10 million licensing fee on online gambling and combine that with a 54% rate on the online slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot, the probable result will be that not even a sole PA casino operator will register. The casino operators could not fairly build a path to expediency if the slot tax rate was very high. There is a risk to take a $10 million chance because the odds of gaining profit are almost zero.

Even the state’s largest land-based operator, Parx Casino, who can bear to take a chance, would likely refrain as it seems content with the status quo and would likely switch to online gambling if other land-based operators decide so. At 54 percent, the other operators will apparently not resort to online gambling. It will appear as if online gambling was never authorized and as a result, black market websites will resume possessing power.

No One Shows Up Due to the Imposition of PA High Tax Rate, PA Lottery is in Command

If not sole casino applies for an authority, then PA can find a prepared player in the lottery. According to a recent account presented by Gambling Compliance, the Pennsylvania Lottery would be willing to run the state’s online gambling market, if allowed. Although, there are also contradicting reports suggesting not to give the command to the PA lottery.

The PA online gambling is likely to produce $126 million in direct licensing fees only if the casinos are buying those licenses. The PA lottery has no practice in operating online gambling. If the casinos suffer a loss while functioning online gambling, it is totally on them. On the other hand, if the lottery operates at a loss, it is on the state. There is cooperation among physical as well as online casinos, but if the lottery is in power, the synergy would not be present.

A Few Casinos Sign Up Due to the PA High Tax Rate, But Players Suffer

If a few casinos register for online gambling, then they must take a couple of measures as below. Although they will not be profitable for players:

  • Less payback on games
  • Lesser or no promotions
  • Flat VIP programs
  • Smaller game libraries
  • Focus on table games

One tactic applied by operators can be to turn focus to table games as they charge tax rate of 16 percent. But in Pennsylvania, table games profit is roughly 27.5% of total land-based profit and Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Three Card Poker would not alone make it. A rational tax rate on online slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot is required.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has imposed a $65,000 penalty upon Plainridge Park Casino for regularly not abiding with lowest security staffing necessities at the Plainville slots parlor.

Lack of Proper Security Staffing at Massachusetts Slots Parlour – Plainridge Park Casino

Between 26 December 2016 and 7 January 2017 and for a second time on January 14, 2017, officers from the commission’s Investigations and Enforcement Bureau inspected Plainridge Park Casino’s security staffing stages. The Gaming Commission stated that the agents executed unplanned examinations of each security point on 46 incidents and hence resolved the slots parlor, possessed by Penn National Gaming, was out of agreement during 12 of the 46 checks.

As the agents of the Gaming Commission discovered on 12 of the inspections that the respective slots parlor in Plainville did not possess the mandatory quantity of security crew on the job. Ed Bedrosian, Executive Director of Gaming Commission, stated that the security staffing stages are of utmost significance because of the security division’s responsibility in guarantying public security and managing the physical safety of the casino system while playing games such as Secrets of the Phoenix slot, its staff members, customers, plot, the avoidance of underage gambling and the tracking of alcohol utilisation.

Plainridge Park deferred its authority to a discussion on the matter by complying with the $65,000 penalty. The Gaming Commission further added that the casino is taking dedicated actions to fix this matter containing improved measures for maintaining security division and supplementary training on controlled agreement for all the security workers.

The Aim of Massachusetts Gaming Commission For Land-Based Businesses Like Massachusetts Slots Parlour

The aim of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is to build an impartial, transparent and an active procedure for enforcing the extended gaming law for playing games like Secrets of the Phoenix slot, cleared by the Legislature and signed by the Governor in November 2011.

In formulating this procedure, the Commission will endeavor to guarantee that its decision making and regulatory facilities induce the determination of the players and public, and that they offer the highest likely economic advancement advantages and profits to the persons of the Commonwealth, lessen to the highest probable limit the conceivably negative or unexpected results of the novel legislation, and permit a relevant return on investment for the gaming suppliers that convinces the activity of casino-resorts of the supreme quality.

The Massachusetts Slots Parlour In Question – Plainridge Park Casino

For the New England gamer, Plainridge Park Casino offers an amusing, captivating as well as fresh environment. The casino’s Marquee Rewards program permits guests to gain money at the same time of playing a huge range of the newest slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot, video poker, electronic table games, betting live and broadcast racing along with having the opportunity to eat in any of the casino’s diners. The points are recoverable from coast to coast at around 20 casinos containing marvellous Las Vegas.

Plainridge Park Casino positioned its third best month since being commenced in April 2015, taking in $14.3 million in aggregate gaming profit from $174.8 million in bets. The fine is the second leveled by controllers since the opening of the casino. Plainridge Park was charged $10,000 in August 2016 for the purpose of breaches around the storage and delivery of alcoholic drinks.

The slots parlour is now the sole gambling service to start in Massachusetts in the 2011 extended gaming act. Resort casinos are going through the expansion in Springfield and Everett. MGM Springfield is anticipated to set its doors open in September 2018 as well as Wynn Boston Harbor casino in Everett in June 2019.

Ganapati Malta has attained a corporation milestone subsequent to being allocated a Class 4 license by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The license refers that the established online slots developer has presently the authority to provide Malta-licensed operators its premium class Japanese-themed slots, containing chartbuster slot games such as CrypBattle and She Ninja Suzu.

The Objective of Ganapati Malta

Ganapati is among the growing suppliers in the industry that had been launched in September last year. The gaming supplier is supported by experts in the online gambling industry belonging from Asian and European iGaming. The goal of Ganapati Malta is to glorify Japanese civilization by relating the slot games with it. This task is achieved by building the slot games around manga and anime themes in addition to utilizing refined technology and alluring math.

The Offices of Ganapati Malta

Ganapati Malta is a division of the Ganapati Group, which has been into building Japanese-themed amusement and gaming apps for quite a few years. It has developed its offices in numerous regions such as Malta, Los Angeles, Tallinn, Tokyo, Bucharest and London. London is also home to the top slots provided by other suppliers such as Gamesys’ Secrets of the Phoenix slot.

About the Class 4 License acquired by Ganapati Malta

Mitsuya Fujimoto, CEO of Ganapati Malta and COO of Ganapati Plc holding company stated that obtaining the first license in Malta is definitely an indication of having achieved a target of the company and the members of it are pleased to be linked with Malta as well as the MGA. Mitsuya Fujimoto further added that the MGA has displayed adeptness and expertise during the complete procedure along with working with Ganapati Malta’s in-house group for the purpose of making certain that the respective company satisfies all the necessities of the application.

Richard Hogg, Director of Ganapati Malta also stated that the company is highly gratified to have been rewarded the Class 4 approval in Malta. This assists in augmenting the corporation’s motive to be a distributor of chief casino games in the controlled trade place. The director of Ganapati Malta further added that this procedure and following favorable application has guaranteed that the company can eventually provide an absolute stage of satisfaction to their customers as well as clients.

The reward of the license trails an immensely profitable introduction at ICE Totally Gaming in February 2017. In the ICE Totally Gaming, the games provided by Ganapati Malta which is Japanese-themed due to attained license by MGA, gathered attraction from chief operators across the world.

An Introduction of Ganapati Malta

Ganapati Malta is a supplier of premium value, amusement- directed online casino content for the global gaming industry. It was incorporated in 2016 by a set of knowledgeable businesspersons worldwide. Ganapati Malta provides the online gaming industry with slot titles that merge the finest Japanese game sense as well as design along with granting an exclusive enjoyment element.

Being a segment of Ganapati Group along with having headquarters in Romania, Malta, Los Angeles, Estonia, Tokyo and London, Ganapati games exercise the provider’s connections around the recreation industry. It displays approved IP from the globally acknowledged studios together with its own in-house studios. Ganapati Malta is presently withstanding the licensing procedure in UK, where Secrets of the Phoenix slot is already accessible on UK sites such as StarSpins, along with possessing further agendas to extend around controlled markets worldwide.

You must definitely try the Japanese-themed slots such as CrypBattle, offered by the Malta-licensed operators which are supplied by the online slots developer Ganapati Malta along with trying Gamesys’ Secrets of the Phoenix slot.

Magnet Gaming, slots developer for the online gaming business, has launched its fresh underwater themed slot named as Fish Tank. It is among the numerous novel online casino slot games currently announced by the Denmark-based branch of CEGO ApS and is inducing rather a splatter.

The Features of Fish Tank Slot

Fish Tank is a 9 reel online slot which grants two progressive jackpots. It provides the players with the prospect to experience sultry forests with splashy, fascinating marine life including seahorse, clown fish and puffer fish during the time of chasing the three bonus rounds.

Fish Tank is playable both on your mobile as well as desktop similar to Secrets of the Phoenix slot. The slot is built with the assistance of latest WebGL technology. Fish Tank supplies with a transparent clear real time marine practice which is inclusive of bubbles and sounds with allowing experiencing an appeasing impression. The slot formulates for comfortable and enjoyable HTML5 practice.

The Bonus Rounds Available in Fish Tank Slot

There are three bonus rounds offered by Fish Tank which are Algae Attack, Bubble Buster and Feeding Frenzy. These alluring bonus rounds grant the players with the opportunity to enter in either of the two progressive jackpots with investing diminutive wagers. Whether you are stuffing fish, exploding bubbles or clearing the tank of intrusive weeds, the aim is to achieve as many points as possible to open the amazing rewards. Each game is opened by discovering 3 comparable scatters all covered in the reels at the same time. Fish Tank slot is a high variance slot similar to Secrets of the Phoenix slot, so the players should not anticipate gaining a huge prize immediately.

Magnet Gaming – The Developer of Fish Tank Slot

Magnet Gaming was established in 2014 and their products are devised in HTML for the controlled markets and upgraded to offer an intriguing cross platform spontaneous practice accessible on all operating systems as well as devices. The corporation’s products are handily unified into any online casino. The integration into an online casino can be exercised either via a RESTful API or by numerous third party platform providers.

Formerly, the company had restricted itself to dot country licenses, containing Belgium, United Kingdom and its local Danish one. Although, Magnet Gaming has lately extended to other controlled authorities in Europe that has increased prospective of development worldwide.

Thomas Nielsen, Magnet Gaming’s Head of Game Licensing, stated that the slots developer company is making an effort to push the bounds when it comes to slots with HTML5 interface and the fresh addition of Fish Tank to their catalogue of slots is confident with their innovative features which will certainly leave the players captivated with the enticing bonus rounds as well the offered progressive jackpots. The Head of Game Licensing further stated that Fish Tank online slot, which was crafted by the novel WebGL technologies, is the company’s most mesmerising title from their collection of slots till present. The members of the company are certain the players as well as the developers will adore the excitements and sprinkles of their recently released slot.

The Future Prospects of Magnet Gaming

According to the press release, as Magnet Gaming’s global enlargement persists, the corporation’s in-house design group is currently working on numerous slot titles which are likely to be released within the next 12 months.

Fish Tank slot will be better welcomed by the new players in the slot game industry, searching for a rapid and light test that has the possibility to make them win huge. But if you are into conforming integrity you can always try Secrets of the Phoenix slot by Gamesys quick!

Online gambling has become the most booming and profitable business nowadays. With the increasing craze of people in online gambling, there has been a remarkable increase in the online casino operators too. Online betting companies are coming up with the newest of the new strategies to captivate the attention of the players across the globe. These casinos are enticing players to try their online games like roulette machines and others. For instance, Coral Bookmakers and William Hill are currently exploiting both roulette machines and slot machines to keep the players engaged for more hours.

Motive of Roulette and Slot Machines

The basic aim of roulette and slot machines is to encourage live game betting. When compared with the traditional gambling venues, online casinos hardly require any investment and can grow at a fraction. This is simply due to the fact that the online casino operators are not required to spend on any tangible equipment like machines, restaurant and other such facilities. In fact, they do not have to pay for any employees to serve the customers. It is true that with the increasing number of betting companies online, the online betting demand has also increased.

The Reports of Gambling Commission

In its reports of 2006, the gambling commission highlighted that Britain had witnessed a rise of 33 percent in online gaming, which was more than expected. When it comes to the revenues of online gambling operators between the period of April 2015 and March 2016, they produced around £4.5 billion in a gross gambling yield. According to the reports, out of £4.5 billion, the major contribution was of online casino games with £2.6 billion followed by £1.6 billion by betting exchanges. When it comes to online bingo, it generated 153 million, this is far more than pool betting that did not go beyond 26 million. However, online slot machine and its games like Secrets of the Phoenix slot could produce only 1.8 billion.

Analysis and Casino Prerequisites

The analysis simply shows that online gaming is highly popular and in demand in the UK. Furthermore, it is known that not all online casinos here offer great deals to the new customers. Out of all the 30 to 50 active online gaming casinos, majority of them offer a sign up deal in some way to attract the players.

However, there are certain conditions that are to be fulfilled in order to enjoy online casino games. You have to be over 18 years of age and should have a valid identity proof. You should not hold any past records of fraud and should be genuine. Once all these conditions have been verified by the casino, only then your account on the site will be activated. Thus, you must avoid submitting any fake ID proofs.

The Bottom Line

In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating all the gaming activities under the Gambling Act 2005. The Part 4 of this act titled ‘Protection of Children and Young Persons’ makes it clear that those who are under the age of 16 are children and those over 18 are counted as adults. It means that the nation is highly particular about the target audience when it comes to online casino gambling.

If you are also planning to try your hands at any slot machine then you can verify your age and become a member of any good casino. The top most gambling websites in the UK include Stan James, Bet365, Coral, William Hill and 188Sport. Thus, you can reach these casinos and have the most unique gambling experience.

It’s true that there was a time when slot machines were replacing poker rooms and other games. However, the changing state-of-affairs is alarming, as these machines are now disappearing in full swing. According to recent report by Carlo Santarelli and Danny Valoy, Deutsche Bank analysts, it is known the US casinos are slashing slot machines at a higher rate.

About the Analysis by Deutsche Bank Analysts

The Deutsche Bank analysts did an analysis of 12 most renowned US casinos that are into operation of around 120 properties. These casinos include Red Rock Resorts, Pinnacle Entertainment, Isle of Capri Legacy Assets, Mohegan Tribal Gaming, Penn National Gaming/GLPI, Wynn Resorts, Eldorado Resorts, MGM International Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, Ameristar Legacy Assets, Boyd Gaming & Peninsula Assets and Caesars Entertainment. The report highlighted that these casinos showed a decline of 21% in the slot machines. Since 2007, these casinos have reported a loss of around 43,400 slot machines, which is really shocking.

Reason of Replacement of Slot Machines

The analysts stated that all these 12 casino operators have scrapped their floors by reducing the slot machines. Further, they mentioned that this trend is expected to continue and even grow in the coming future with more casinos slashing their machines. The main reason behind this is that operators are looking forward to make the most of the floors and they are doing this by shifting their financial resources to other attractive amenities. It seems that they have now realized that by adopting other non-gaming sources, they can make better revenues and boost their sales.

Better Profits with Non-gaming Sources

Certainly, the non-gaming margins are much higher than the gaming ones. The biggest example is of Steve Wynn who made a shift to destination resorts and has been earning billions since then. He started off with Mirage resort and then opened Bellagio, Encore and Wynn. It shows that the casinos are changing their marketing strategies and focusing more on giving additional luxurious benefits to the customers. Earlier, such perks were given to allure people towards gaming but now, gaming is being used to attract people to these resorts and hotels.

It has been noted that millennial are ready to spend on four-star hotel and its amenities and prefer gambling at their own convenience. Nowadays, the preference has shifted to online gambling unlike earlier when people enjoyed traveling to land-based casinos. In addition to this, UNLV’s David Schwartz recently stated that the resort rooms are expected to overtake gambling when it comes to profit. Considering the existing trend, the hotel rooms are likely to make same revenue as casino floors by 2019 while the hotels will surpass gambling by the year 2020. Moreover, Las Vegas Strip resorts are expected to make $2 billion from their rooms when compared with gambling by the year 2023.

Fluctuating Gaming Habits

The report has openly stated that the new generation is entirely shirking the slot machines. However, it also made clear that first time visitors to Las Vegas casinos is increasing while there has been a decrease in the average age of visitors. This might also hint at the fact that captivating the attention of millennial is not a big challenge. Casinos can attract them with their enticing bonuses, welcome packages and other benefits.

The Final Verdict

It does not conclude that the gambling will totally be shunned. It is true that casinos are coming up with skill-based slot machines and the only tribal casino operator, Mohegan Tribal is on rise with its gaming product offerings. For now, the casino operators focusing on offering newest slots like Secrets of the Phoenix slot and other perks to attract players.